Man Of Booom - Back To The Booom LP Preview

Figub Brazlevič, Teknical Development and Juju Rogers present 'Back To The Booom' - a sneak preview of the 21-track full album that will drop next month on Sichtexot. The 'Man Of Booom' LP brings listeners along on a rediscovery of a classic hiphop-vibe that is at the same time refreshing and reminiscent of the early 90's sound - its playful innocence and head-nodding beats represent contemporary hiphop in a parallel universe.





We proudly announce our feature guests on the 'Back To The Boom' 2LP:

- Rob Really (Moontroop - as Mcee & DJ)

- Maniac (Demograffics - Mcee)
- Madame Fleur (Vocal)
- Sandra Amerie (Vocal)
- DJ Hypercutz (Moontroop)
- DJ Scratch Dope 
- Cosmic Oscar (Guitar)
- Reisender (Guitar, Bass)
- Sinan Boom (Keys)
- Radsch (OldschoolFutureTribe)

"Many musicians try to recreate and build on the old vibes of A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, or Pete Rock & CL, and while a lot of it sounds pretty good, this project is one of the dopest in recent memory..." -TheFindMagazin.com -