Figub Brazlevic - Keats Vol.1

Figub Brazlevic - KEATS 01: Moabit
Fresh new label straight outta the Kiezes of Berlin. Each volume is dedicated to the Kiez (hood) and beats of a contemporary beatsmith. Figub Brazlevic delivers Volume 1, a 12 track boom-bap-old-school-future love affair, freshly produced and arranged this spring and packed with a photograph from his neighborhood, shot by Figub himself. The whole series will be themed by a nice extra frame, drawn for each volume by one of our favorite illustrators, DJs & beatmakers: V.Raeter of Ecke Prenz.
Each volume is limited to 300 handnumbered copies and will be exclusively available at hhv.de!
Only 1 copies per customer!
released 08 August 2014